‘Feels Like An Earthquake’: Newberry Neighborhood Fears Damage From Limestone Mine (WUFT News)

Marvin Rippner’s house northeast of downtown Newberry rattled from a mining blast on April 25, 2016, and he recalls being knocked off his couch. Investigating the cause, he discovered that limestone is being extracted from a mine 3,000 feet from his home. Read more.

Newberry Lynchings: Should They Be Memorialized? (WUFT News)

Newberry, a town where residents say “everybody knows everybody,” is where the infamous Newberry Six lynchings took place. Newberry neighbors have mixed feelings about the memorials. Read more.

Hijabi (Sparks Magazine)

“If you Google ‘Muslim woman,’ there is a pretty distinct image that comes up,” said Rana Abdelhamid, a 22-year-old student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Read more.

Gator Adaa harassed during outdoor dance practice (Sparks Magazine)

Gator Adaa, a University of Florida Bollywood dance fusion team was harassed during a rehearsal on Oct. 4. Two white men in their 30s, who might have been intoxicated, interrupted a Gator Adaa practice at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Read more.

Kal Penn discusses career combining politics and acting (Sparks Magazine)

Between 450 and 500 people came to hear actor and former White House staffer Kal Penn speak at the Phillips Center on Oct. 11, 2017. Read more.

It really is on us - consent and sexual assault (The Independent Florida Alligator)

When asked to describe a hypothetical sexual assault, someone might describe a dark alley. A stranger. Maybe some type of weapon. This isn’t always an accurate and representative idea of how sexual assault actually happens. Read more.

Think before you help: how intention can hinder effect (The Independent Florida Alligator)

Now more than ever, in light of such tragedy, people feel moved to help even though they’ll likely forget this feeling in a few months. However, in their rush to provide assistance, they might not think about how they’re helping. Read more.

Undocumented is a better term than 'illegal' (The Independent Florida Alligator)

Illegal parkers, illegal drinkers and illegal immigrants: What do they have in common? Read more.

Photos: Micanopy’s 42nd Annual Fall Festival (WUFT News)

Visitors and vendors came to Micanopy for its 42nd annual Fall Festival. Cholokka Boulevard was closed off to accommodate hundreds of visitors, artists, organizations, crafters and vendors. Read more.

At Least 21 Lynched In Alachua County, Historical Commission Confirms (WUFT News)

Alachua County wants to wait a few more months before moving forward with a plan to place memorial markers at lynching sites throughout the county to give residents more time to ensure the total number included is complete. Read more.

DC Pride

“No justice!” “No pride!” A volunteer yells into a bullhorn, causing the surrounding crowd to sound off several more times until the march comes to a stop in the middle of the Dupont Circle park. Read more.

One of Us: Including People With Disabilities (Sparks Magazine)

Matt Wilson considers himself an adrenaline junkie — he rock climbs, rides Jet Skis and even sky dives. Despite his participation in extreme sports, many consider his most impressive accomplishment to be putting on his two prosthetic legs. Read more.