District 12

Representative: Gus Bilirakis

Party: Republican

Gus Bilirakis's PolitiFact Scorecard

The scorecard indicates how many statements the representative has made that fall under each category. "None" indicates that they do not have a record on PolitiFact's website.

True: 0

Mostly true: 1

Half true: 0

Mostly false: 1

False: 1

Pants on fire: 0

Demographic profile of district 12:

Total of citizens 18 years and older: 564,870

Voting age population:

18-29 years: 15.70%

30-44 years: 20.90%

45-64 years: 35.70%

65 years and over: 27.70%


Male: 47.50%

Female: 52.50%


White alone: 90.30%

Black or African American alone: 4.50%

American Indian and Alaska Native alone: 0.40%

Asian alone: 2.00%

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone: 0.10%

Some other race alone: 0.90%

Two or more races: 1.70%

Hispanic origin:

Hispanic or Latino: 10.70%

Not Hispanic or Latino: 89.30%

White alone, not Hispanic or Latino: 81.30%


Citizens 25 years and older with a bachelor's degree or higher: 28.6%


Households below the poverty level: 11.5%

Households with income of $100,000 or more: 21.8%

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